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Alarm Academy :: Training Voucher

Training Voucher

Training Vouchers are available for bulk purchases of licenses on the Alarm Academy site. A Training Voucher is purchased in any denomination that you wish. The voucher number may then be used by any student to purchase the course. The value of the voucher is reduced by the price of the course after each order. Training Vouchers operate just like a gift card used in a traditional brick and mortar store. All purchases are final and non-refundable.
The receiving student must have an Alarm Academy account in order to order and use a Training Voucher.
If you have any questions about the Training Voucher system, please contact technical support at 502-254-1506 from 8am-8pm EST or email support@alarmacademy.org.

Training Voucher details
1. Who are you sending this to?
The Training Voucher will include the sender's name, the recipient's name and a message.
If you are purchasing a Training Voucher that you intend to distribute, use your own name and email as the recipient.
From *
To *

2. Add a message
Enter the text that the recipient will see in the e-mail

3. Choose an amount
Specify the amount in currency.
$ *

4. Choose a delivery method

Enter the e-mail address of the person to whom you are sending the Training Voucher.

E-Mail *

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